Control your mobile transactions with a few clicks!



Service provider creates and provides a service. He most often uses the services of the payment provider to enable paying for the service over the mobile bill.

Payment provider is a company that aggregates connections to a large number of mobile operators in a large number of countries and offers a single point of access for mobile payment to service providers.

Only the person physically in possession of your mobile phone can make a purchase that will be charged to your mobile bill, since every purchase must be confirmed.

There are several ways. When you find a service or digital good you wish to purchase, you will either be requested to enter your mobile phone number and confirm the purchase with a PIN you will receive; or you’ll be asked to send a keyword to a short number. Either way, the charge will be added to your mobile phone bill.

The charges will show on your monthly mobile bill if you are a postpaid user. You can also login to our customer service to see all charges.

Once you confirm a purchase with your mobile phone, the mobile operator will charge the amount to your mobile bill (postpaid) or deduct the amount from your mobile credit (prepaid).

You can buy a wide array of digital goods and services: music downloads, eBooks, public transport tickets, virtual money for online gaming, membership for online communities, info services (weather, traffic, news…), subscription to entertainment services, etc.

Mobile payment is purchasing digital goods or services right from your mobile phone. It is simple and secure, and requires no additional registration.

For every service you purchased with a text message from your mobile phone, whether it is a one-time or a subscription service, you will have received a confirmation SMS that contains contact info of the service provider. Alternatively, you can search for the service provider’s contact info on the internet using the name of the service.

It is simple. Start the login using your mobile phone number. No additional registration is required. You will receive a pin number. Use it to finish logging in and you will get instant access to all transactions (purchases) made with your mobile phone number. If there are any subscriptions active, you will be able to cancel them as well.

If you have a postpaid plan for your mobile number, it will show on your monthly bill. If you are a prepaid user, the charged amount will be subtracted from the amount of money available on your prepaid mobile account.

It will show on your monthly bill if you have a postpaid plan. However, you can simply login to our customer service with your mobile phone number and get all information about your mobile transactions and active subscriptions.